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Soil Science Research

Information on research focus areas and projects.


Legislative Mandate PL 89-560:

Soil Survey Program “promotes the soil survey and provides technical assistance in its use for a wide range of community planning and resource development issues related to non-farm and farm uses.”

Soil Research:

  1. collecting high quality soil data to support soil survey and deepen knowledge and understanding of soil landscapes;
  2. generating and improving soil interpretations by providing in depth research;
  3. providing training and supporting documents for the successful conductance of field soil surveys; and
  4. developing new standards and methodologies for soil investigations.

Major Goals

Conducts research on soil genesis, functions and behavior under natural and anthropogenic influences. Provides soil characterization data and develops standards and training in support of the U.S. National Cooperative Soil Survey at national and international levels. Provides data and technical information support for conservation programs.

Topical Areas

Soil Systems and Landscapes

  • Soil Systems

Soil Modeling and Forecasting

  • Digital Soil Mapping
  • GlobalSoilMap
  • Development of a Tool to Predict New Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature Regimes
  • Evaluation of Watershed Models

Soil Environmental Functions and Benefits

  • Characterization of Soil Phosphorus
  • Dynamic Soil Properties Under Cultivated and CRP Land Uses
  • Water Quality in the US Great Plains

Develop Standards and Methodology for Supporting Soil Survey and Research



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