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State Office Contacts

Wisconsin State Office

8030 Excelsior Drive
Suite 200
Madison, WI 53717-2906
Mailing Address
8030 Excelsior Drive
Suite 200
Madison, WI 53717-2906
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State Office Employee Directory

State Conservationist's Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Tyrone Larson
State Conservationist
Vanessa Bartlett
Executive Administrative Assistant
Conservation Planning & Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone Number Email
Eric Hurley
State Resource Conservationist
Adam Abel
State Grazing Land Specialist
Steve Bertjens
State Biologist
Allan Braun
State Forester
Kent Dickerson
State Archeologist
Holly Giombi
Resource Conservationist
Michelle Komiskey
Business Tools Coordinator
Mike Stanek
State Agronomist
Todd Kruser
Administrative Support Assistant
Brian Pillsbury
Resource Conservationist (ACES)
Kaitlin Schott
Urban Conservationist
Nichole Kirk
Urban Conservation Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Derrick Klimesh
Assistant State Conservationist - Compliance
Tyler Raeder
Wetland Compliance Coordinator
Becky Pieper
Name Position Phone Number Email
David Gundlach
Assistant State Conservationist - Easements
Kristin Westad
Easement Programs Biologist
Stephaney Olson
Natural Resources Specialist
Laurel Qualy
Paralegal-Realty Specialist
Elizabeth Schroeder
Paralegal Assistant
Robby Hodge
Program Analyst
Kigen Mares
Cartographic Technician
Name Position Phone Number Email
Steve Becker
State Conservation Engineer
Beth Peterson
Assistant State Conservation Engineer
Scott Borchardt
Fabienne Placide
Civil Engineer
Kyle Wedel
Civil Engineer
Adam Moris
Hydraulic Engineer
Stephanie Schultz
State CAD Specialist/CET
Michael O'Shea
Civil Engineer (ACES)
John Ramsden
Agricultural Engineer (ACES)
Financial Assistance
Name Position Phone Number Email
Meagan Duberstein
Assistant State Conservationist - Financial Assistance Programs
Meridith Williams
Resource Conservationist - CSP, WLFW, Urban
Josh Bushee
Resource Conservationist - EQIP
Ryan Gerlich
Resource Conservationist - RCPP & CIG Coordinator
Brandi Richter
Resource Conservationist - RCPP Coordinator
Jenn Chakravorty
Resource Conservationist - RCPP LMR Coordinator
Twyla Kite
Resource Conservationist - GLRI, NWQI, MRBI
Brian Briski
Acting State Tribal Liaison
Melissa Bartz
ON DETAIL Assistant State Conservationist - Financial Assistance Programs
Management & Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Adam Dowling
Acting ASTC - M&S, Management Analyst: Operations & FOIA Officer
Phil Rivara
Assistant State Conservationist - Management Strategy
Jeff Taylor
Management Analyst: Personnel
Pam Fiorito
Management Analyst: State Training Officer
Rachel Acker
Financial Resource Specialist
Cynthia (Cindy) Dobrinsky
Business Services Specialist
Deana Howard
Administrative Support Assistant
Rachel Keuler
Administrative Assistant
Claire Means
Administrative Assistant
April Ryan
Administrative Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
Eric Allness
Assistant State Conservationist - Partnerships
John White
State Outreach Coordinator
Abigale (Abby) Johnson
Management Analyst
Brandon Gingher
Administrative Assistant
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Amanda Zelinski
State Public Affairs Specialist
Krisann McElvain
Public Affairs Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jennifer Smith
State Soil Scientist
Michael England
Assistant State Soil Scientist
Jamie Patton
State Soil Health Coordinator
Kristin Foehringer
State Working Lands Climate Smart Specialist
Craig Surman
State GIS Coordinator
Valerie Manning
Administrative Assistant