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TSP State Specific Training Modules

State Specific Training Modules for Technical Service Providers

This site contains the State Specific Training Modules required by NRCS policy (General Manual 180, Part 409.9 D) for Technical Service Providers (TSP) to become a Certified Conservation Planner for any particular state.  To become a certified conservation planner and be able to sign conservation plans a TSP must complete the trainings required for Level I, Level II, and Level III conservation planner.  The attached 409.15 “Exhibit 3 – Core Competencies and Course Requirements for Level I, Level II, Level III and Level IV Conservation Planner Designation.”

After completing the appropriate requirements listed in Exhibit 3, a TSP will be certified in any State where they have viewed the State Specific Training Module.  The training modules provide very general information about conservation planning requirements in a State, so it is up to the TSP to make sure they have the knowledge, skills, abilities, licenses and certifications to legally and properly conduct planning in a particular State.  If there is not a State Specific Training Module available on this site for a particular State, viewing a module is not required for that State.

Each TSP Certified Conservation Planner designation will be reviewed at least once every three years by the NRCS State Conservationist for their resident State.  At that time TSPs must review the current State Specific Training Modules for all states where they are certified, so they become aware of any changes to planning requirements in a State. 

To find out if this training is required in the state(s) a TSP wishes to be certified in, review the certification requirements in Registry for those practices and/or activities.

State Specific Training Modules-click on the name of the state to launch the training module:

Alabama (12.46 MB)

Alaska  Not Available

Arizona (9.52 MB)

Arkansas  Not Available

California (5.09 MB)
Colorado (1.99 MB)
Connecticut (183.7 KB)
Delaware (2.58 MB)
Florida (3.94 MB)

Georgia  Not Available

Hawaii/PIA (7.47 MB)
Idaho (718.76 KB)
Illinois (1.1 MB)
Indiana (4.44 MB)
Iowa (709.51 KB)
Kansas (3.9 MB)
Kentucky (1.64 MB)
Louisiana (2.81 MB)
Maine (3.22 MB)
Maryland (176.97 KB)
Massachusetts (182.08 KB)
Michigan (1.18 MB)
Minnesota (5.29 MB)

 Mississippi  Not Available

Missouri (1.72 MB)


Montana (372.45 KB)
Nebraska (3.1 MB)
Nevada (1.73 MB)
New Hampshire (8.02 MB)
New Jersey (1.24 MB)
New Mexico (473.62 KB)
New York (821.05 KB)
North Carolina (214.54 KB)
North Dakota (414.22 KB)
Ohio (403.37 KB)
Oklahoma (1 MB)
Oregon (1.59 MB)
Pennsylvania (248.03 KB)

Puerto Rico  Not Available

Rhode Island  Not Available

South Carolina (1.92 MB)
South Dakota (440.83 KB)

Tennessee  Not Available

Texas (222.04 KB)
Utah (1.49 MB)
Vermont (3.19 MB)
Virginia (2.81 MB)

Washington  Not Available

West Virginia (856.99 KB)
Wisconsin (1.15 MB)
Wyoming (1.11 MB)